Pharmaceutical Grade Alcohol 99.9%

It is high-potency ethanol extracted with high-precision distillation technologies.....

Industrial Grade Alcohol

This product is pure ethanol used as a solvent and in solvents mixtures with characteristic dispersion and a glossy finish........

Carbon Dioxide CO2

It is a multi-purpose liquified form of CO2 used in food-grade and industrial-grade industries.

Vinasse (CMS)

Vinasse is a residual by-product from the bioethanol fermentation process of beetroot molasses.


Fusel Oil A mixture of volatile, oily liquids produced in small amounts during ethanol fermentation........

Why choose us ?

At Phaga Industries, quality is paramount. With a focus on excellence, we strive to set the benchmark for quality in the ethanol industry. We ensure that our ethanol consistently meets and exceeds customer requirements.


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